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Anonymous asked:

This may help you stay limp - tumblr won't allow links in questions but - if you google "vive hypnosis limp clitty" the first link that comes up is a hypnosis file for ruining your ability to stay hard, but strengthening your ability to stay horny. Best wishes & hope your dick is happily broken now - xoxoxo

Thank you for sharing. 


Anonymous asked:

Hello Subboigurl! I'm 21yo male in a relationship with a girl, but what I actually am inside is a little sissy princess who wants to get fucked in the ass by a big black cock and suck his cum from his balls. I want to be a sissy so much but I just don't know how to bring this up to my gf. What if she'd think it's a joke or that I'm crazy? What's the proper way of telling her?

This is a difficult situation. The fact that you want to be a sissy and involved with a girl that desires a hetero relationship may not work. You have to know that going into this situation. There is a very high probability that your gf will not be okay with the idea of you being a cum dumpster for big black men. The better option may be to simply express to her how you feel and acknowledge that that may not be what she is looking for in a bf. However, this is who you are and you need to be true to yourself and true to her as well. Tell her you desire to have sex with men and if she’s okay with that, then wonderful. But, if she isn’t, you understand and hope to remain friends. Just REMEMBER, you need to keep HER feelings in mind when deciding to tell her. She will probably be very hurt and upset if she is not expecting this. The easier route would be to simply break up with her and then be who you really are inside without telling her all the details. 


Anonymous asked:

hi! i love your site! i'm a sub femme sissyboi 4BBC only. i love being limp, especially for a black man. being limp is a perfect gesture of submission for a dominant man. it seems the more i edge, the more difficult it is to get hard. any thoughts or other ways you know to guarantee impotence and shrinkage? some day i hope to be on 'mones and t blocker.

I’m not sure (aside from chemicals) how to ensure impotence. If this is your goal, I would say masturbate with as little penile stimulation as possible and certainly don’t “stroke”. Perhaps a vibrator used on your “clit” with intense anal stimulation would help achieve the results you’re after. 



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Are you wearing pink right now? Do you wish you were?

I LUV wearing my Pink panties every day..

YES, very true!

used to hate it when i was a boy but now i love it as a sissy

My fav!

It’s better that liking blue as a boy!

All pretty little sissy faggots need to be in Pink. Pink pink pink. That is your color bitch. Wear it with pride. If the panties aren’t Pink, this Big Hairy Sicilian Alpha Male Daddy isn’t gonna be rippin them off your little ass. Got it slut?
-Alpha Male Daddy

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