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I came home from working a long 10 hour work day, I haven’t had any sexual interactions with my husband in 3 weeks, but I have been secretly fucking a coworker during the day at my job for months now, I usually would jump straight in the shower when I got home from work to wash the smell of sex and cum off of me before my husband even get a chance to notice it, but to day was a really long day and my coworker fucked me hard at least 4 times, 2 times in the bathroom 1 time in the stairway and one time in his car. He came deep in my pussy each time filling me up, I never washed his seed out of me in fact I try to keep it all inside of me throughout the day and he continued to help me by refilling my pussy with his hot cum multiple times. I sat down on the couch and let my skirt rise up my thighs, I slowly allowed my crotch to be fully visible to my husband and when I noticed that he could not keep his attention off of me I told him to get on his hands and knees and crawl over to me and to put his face in between my thighs. He crawled over and started to kiss my vagina through my wet cum soaked thong panties. I slowly peeled my panties away from my used pussy and it was completely covered in my coworkers thick white cum. I told him that I was really horny and to lick my pussy and give me head until I come all over his face, I laid back and listened to the sounds of my husband slurping, licking, eating, an playing with my co workers thick loads of cum that was still deep inside me slowly leaking out as he probes my used beat up pussy with his hungry tongue. I clenched his head with my thighs and rubbed my cum filled and covered pussy up in down his entire face. I’ve an order him to lay on his back on the floor, then I got all my knees over his face and I SAT my pussy right down on his mouth and told him to lick deep inside of me and get all of my juices and to make me cum hard. Haha I really don’t think that he even had a clue that he was slurping, eating and playing with multiple loads of another man’s cum in his wife’s pussy as he ate me out. His face was glistening in the light and he was digging deep and sucking the seed out of my beat up used pussy like he was starving for “my” juices lmao. When he made me cum again and I felt like he completely cleaned all of my coworkers cum from my pussy I’ve then told him to go sit in the chair across the room and to jerk his little dick to me while I layed back exsposed watching tv. 10 minutes later when he was about to cum I told him to come to me and I jerked his little boy penis until he came in my hand, then I fed is pathetic load of sissy cum to him and made him lick my hand clean. He is such a bitch boy, and because I make him eat his own cum everytime he has an orgasm he doesn’t even taste another man’s cum when I feed it to him. And I never tell him haha :)

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A bottom derives immense satisfaction from feeling desirable in a feminine way to a Man. She wants to be a ‘hot lil thing’ that drives real Men wild. And she doesn’t want to be mistaken for ‘one of the guys.’ She wants Him to say, ‘Ah, I see: you want to be taken,’ and then she wants Him to take her. When a bottom finds a real Man, for Whom she can unashamedly arch her back, spread her legs and her butt cheeks, and present herself for fucking, when she senses His lust for her hole and for her body, she feels deeply satisfied and can hardly stop smiling.

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