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Anonymous asked:

Hmmmm, I am a young male dom and I am looking to find some nasty faggotbois to be my little sissy daughters, where would you suggest I look and how would you like to be my little sissyfag?

You sound interesting. I’m game. Look no further. 

You were always so happy when he sent you a text, letting you know that he was free to get together. He was always so busy at work and of course there was the fact that he had a wife. But all of that didn’t matter when you were with him. He knew you were really a boi but he always treated you like a sexy girl. He always called you his sexy little white girl. You were his bitch on the side but that was enough for you. He was so masculine and strong but he could be sweet and romantic. You loved crawling up in his lap, pulling out his big black cock and teasing him with your little hands and mouth for as long as he’d let you. Eventually, you’d excite him to the point where he’d take over and take you however he wanted. Usually you’d end up face down on the hotel bed with your ass in the air. He’d pull your thong to the side and ride you for what seemed like forever. He’d slap your ass and tell you how much he enjoyed your “creamy white ass” and “tight pink pussy”. After a while he’d start fucking you with more vigor. As his balls tightened and he reached the point of no return, he’d always ask, “you ready to for me to put a black baby in you girl?”. You’d flip your long blond hair over your should, look back in his eyes and beg him to breed you. That was all it took. He’d throw his head back in a manly roar as he exploded inside of you. You would be utterly filled with his massive load as its warmth spread through your insides. He’d collapse onto of you and slowly withdraw his big softening dick. You’d try to keep all of his seed inside of you but your ass was just too worn out to prevent at least a small stream of his seamen from running out and dribbling down over your tiny balls, soaking and staining the thong that still held them securely within. After recovering for a while, he’d clean himself up, he’d have to get back to his wife. But you’d remain in the hotel room for the rest of the day, completely exhausted and relishing the sensation of his warm cum inside you and the cool, drying dribbles between your thighs. 

(Source: blackwhiteunite)

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