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I was with a guy once. We were at his place. A small little apartment with like almost no furniture. Just a mattress on the floor. We were both high on X.

It was the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday I remember. We had been fucking for like an hour. He had already cum, but his cock was still hard.

I was on my tummy. He was just touching me, rubbing his hands on my ass, between my cheeks, pulling them apart. He made a comment about how for a white girl I had a black girl’s bubble butt booty. I joked back and asked him if that’s why black guys were always hitting on me. He was like inspecting my asshole, and said “looks like you’ve had a lot of cock up this sweet ass of yours”.

And in that moment felt deliciously nasty and kinda proud of that. Cuz it was true. And then invited him to fuck it

I bet the French have a special word for that feeling.

You’re not going to suck his dick. He’s going to fuck your mouth. He’s going to hold your head like he would your hips and fuck your mouth like he would your ass. Then he’s going to empty his balls into your throat and you’ll gulp down every bit of his thick salty load. And you’ll love every minute of it.

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