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You’re not going to suck his dick. He’s going to fuck your mouth. He’s going to hold your head like he would your hips and fuck your mouth like he would your ass. Then he’s going to empty his balls into your throat and you’ll gulp down every bit of his thick salty load. And you’ll love every minute of it.


You’re a lucky white boy. You found a black stud that wants to use your holes for his pleasure. You’ve got nearly a foot of black cock in your hand. Any cocksucker would be jealous of you right now. So, what are you going to do with that cock? You going to take it only half way down your throat because you’re nervous of what might happen later? Or, are you going to deep throat him, swallow his cum and make him wish he would have tried white boys sooner? Then you can welcome the fucking that you’re about to get. Choices.

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