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"Please… ehh… sir…" Scooter balked, his eyes staring pleadingly at the man in whose lap he sat.

Scooter vainly tried to glean more from the light touch of Sage’s fingers. It was enough sensation to keep him painfully hard, but barely enough to jerk him off. The boy squirmed in the man’s lap, thrusting his hips back and forth, side to side, anything to try to get off and get off faster. The pair of them had been at this for the last twenty minutes.

The ordeal was maddeningly frustrating: thirty days had passed since the last time he’d been milked. It wasn’t more than a day afterward that Scooter found himself as horny as ever and unable to do anything about it. Thirty days locked in the pink confines of his humiliating chastity cage. He had tried asking nicely, offering his Master favors (as though he had something to bargain with that was his own), and finally flat out begging.

In response Sage had bent him over the living-room coffee table and fucked him with a prostate massager. Several minutes of working at his engorged prostate and the teen was seeping seed onto the carpet, totally denied the experience of anything resembling a climax.

“There, you came.” He had said derisively.

The next day Scooter was even hornier.

"Oh fuck, sir! Oh … fuck, sir!" He whimpered, straining every muscle in his body in an attempt to push himself over the edge. Scooter had been sitting on the edge for the last few minutes, a fact which had him breathing in quick breathes, sweating profusely, and balling his fists around his shirt collar. “Please, may I come, sir?!”

“Get on with it. I’m losing interest.” Sage teased, feigning a yawn. At the same time he pressed a little harder and a little faster with his fingers. 

Scooter bucked in his arms, emitting a long, deep groan that ended in a high whimper as he had one of the few but amazing climaxes his Master allowed him. An almost comical amount of seed caked his legs and torso as the youth breathed heavily, his body drained of all strength in an instance of pleasure.

“Oh god. Thank you, sir.” He purred, smiling up at Sage through half open eyes. His master returned the smile and leaned down to kiss the boy tenderly.


D’awww. Now I’ve done something cute, consensual, and … erm … cuddly.

Took for friggin’ ever to draw. 

Thanks to the folks that watched the livestream and gave suggestions, and thanks to the people who responded to the journal with suggestions as well. It worked ^^

I love this pic, One of my favorites.


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