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Are bottoms “inferior”?

I often opt not to use the term “inferior” to describe bottoms because of the confusion it can cause. For many people, inferiority-superiority as a concept implies an distinction between bad and good; for example, we might describe something cheap as “inferior” or “of inferior quality.”

Bottoms are not inferior to Tops in this way. There is nothing inherently “bad,” “ugly,” “ignoble,” “cheap,” “worth-less,” “evil,” “messed up,” or “wrong” about being a bottom: a bottom is not a lower-quality version of a Man, as a bottom is not a Man in the first place!

However, inferior can also mean, “lower in rank, status, or position.” In this sense, bottoms are most definitely inferior to Tops. Bottoms lack both the natural right to rule, dominate, and penetrate, as well as the psycho-sexual faculties to do so. While male, bottoms are not true Men, in that they lack the power to rule that is the essence of full Manhood. A real Man is an Emperor within His own sphere. A bottom is not, and can never be.

When compared to real Men, bottoms are less excellent and Vir-tuous, but that doesn’t mean a bottom can’t be good within his proper place in the order of things. Rather than competing with real Men or pretending to be Their equal, a bottom achieves the goodness and full-self-actualization proper to him by accepting his inferior status and devoting himself to serving Those superior to him.

Men and bottoms are ontologically different, but this difference is not between “good” and “bad,” but rather between “higher” and “lower.” Within humanity, there is a real, ontological sexual hierarchy (order, taxis) based on degree of Masculinity (Manliness, Vir-tue). Homo-sexually oriented Men (Tops) are the most Masculine Men, occupying the highest position within this hierarchy. When we say a bottom is inferior, or “less of a man,” what we mean is that a bottom is less masculine than a real Man, and is naturally sub-ordinate to real Men, being lower in rank.

Within the context of a given relationship, the Top occupies the higher position: He is the Head, the Leader, the Guide, the Man. A bottom is His suitable, corresponding, complementary partner. The one who “fits” Him. This is because a bottom is a male (satisfying a Top’s natural need to associate with males) who is also deeply sexually feminine (naturally capable of truly receiving the Top’s penetration and submitting to Him fully, and not with a ‘wink,’ so to speak). The bottom is sub-ordinate to the Top.

The Superiority of the Man in a relationship, and the inferiority of the bottom, is symbolized and enacted through penetrative sex acts. The Top exercises and manifests His Masculine Headship over His bottom by entering his body. This reveals in a tangible way what is already invisibly present between a Man and bottom even when they are not engaged in sex: the Man’s Masculinity, activity, strength, and dominance, and the bottom’s femininity, passivity, total vulnerability, and submission. The tangibility is important: through His cock, the Man brings the bottom into a physical awareness of His rule over him, of His Masculine Excellence, of His Superiority. The bottom can literally feel his Man inside him, can feel His power, and also His love, inside his body. And the bottom can also feel his own submission and femininity, as he feels the cock of the Top stretch and open him, exploring his inner physicality.

Penetration demonstrates in an undeniable way the power dynamic between a Man and a bottom. The Man remains “closed,” holding His power within, and exerting it outward. His physical integrity remains intact throughout the entire sex act, and indeed at all times, nothing from outside breaking the seal and passing into Him. The bottom is open: his physical integrity is perforated, he is both psychologically and physically vulnerable to and accepting of the Top. The bottom, rather than exerting outward moving force, actively draws the Top in. The bottom willingly allows the Top to break through the physical borders of his body and pass into them, to enter inside his physicality. he gives up his power to the Top. he allows the Other to enter his own self, the quintessentially feminine sexual movement.

It’s Saturday afternoon and your big alpha daddy has just finished fucking you for the fourth time today. After emptying his verille balls into your warm little boi snatch, you try desperately to keep his seed inside of you. But its no use. He’s ejaculated inside you too many times today and there’s just no more room for anymore of his manly goo. Add that to the fact that your hole has been ravaged for hours today by his 10 inch fuck stick and it just won’t fully close anymore and that’s a recipe for a drippy cunt. Oh well. Nothing left to do know but hop off the table and lick his precious seed off the floor. 

I know this is for show, and I solo appreciate it. However, unless my top wants me to push his load out, I can never bring myself to give up that precious seed. I want to keep it inside of me until I fully absorb it. Plus, how’s a boi supposed to get pregnant if he doesn’t let his man’s sperm do their job???


Sliding his fingers inside, twisting them, curling them, making it uncomfortable

And all the while, telling the boy to tighten up, to work that hole, to prove his ass is good enough to get fucked.

Because when he fucks some sexy little girly boy? He wants that boy to feel shy and humiliated. It’s that look in their eyes, the way you can see just how degraded they feel… Boys just look so hot when you can see them blinking back tears of shame as they refuse to meet your gaze.

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When he met her online, he enjoyed chatting with the little slut and they agreed to meet.

She was just as hot in real life as she seemed in pics, and he couldn’t wait to get her up to his room…

But when he bent her over? He found something else… It turns out his slutty little girl is actually a slutty little faggot boi.

Didn’t mean he stopped though. He wanted a slut he could roughly fuck, and here he had one. The lies just meant he didn’t feel the need to apologise when he left the little cunt crying.

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The day my lil slut learns to spank her own face with my cock, instinctively knowing thats what gets me hard and that it is what i would be doing even if she wasnt. My heavy balls churning, filled to the brim with my sluts reward, her meal, her only goal. I grow hard in her hand, bucking my hips up a bit, my engorged cockmeat making a subtle thud against her cheek, making it look like she is wearing rouge.

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She’d forgotten to replace the toilet paper roll again, leaving Daddy stranded without a square. Her punishment was to kneel on the deck, early in the morning, while Daddy soaked her in his stinkiest, most concentrated morning man-pee. He even wrenched open her jaw and sprayed a few drops inside, making her cough and gag and retch.

There she stayed for thirty minutes, a pee-soaked girl kneeling in a puddle, alone with her thoughts. The ammonia burned her eyes, and the urine began to dry itchy on her skin. Her hair had soaked up the piss and smelled like an outhouse. She tried to put it out of her mind. She played a game called How to explain? in which she brainstormed what to say if a neighbor discovered her here, crouched on the deck, drenched in piss. It was a stressful game, because there was no real way to win.

When Daddy came back, he was naked. “Your time is up, but while you’re down there…” His member thrust into her warm mouth, stabbing the back of her throat. She smelled rancid urine when she breathed through her nose, and tried to forget that it came from the cock in her mouth.      

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